In the last few months Apple has seen a decline in demand for their smartphones. According to experts Gartner, this is due to the fact that the cupertinos absolutely do not pay attention to attract new users, and are guided by current iPhone owners.

Analysts believe that to attract a new audience, Apple must adopt the strategy which is actively used by a Chinese company. In particular, vendors such as Huawei and Xiaomi are constantly looking for new markets and trying to interest new users. To do this, they release a lot of different devices, including available models.

In fact, Gartner does not offer much cupertinos to expand its line of smartphones. Analysts believe that the lifting of sales of the Apple simply release a really affordable model of iPhone. This step will allow to attract consumers on a budget.

Gartner experts believe that in the current market conditions Apple needed a low-end machine, which will allow the company to rectify the situation with declining demand for Apple’s smartphones and keep the profits from iPhone sales.


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