The experts of Positive Technologies presented interesting statistics, according to which every third employee of the company is ready to open a malicious email, run the file or go to contained in the letter.

These findings analysts made by analyzing the cybersecurity 33 companies in Finance and industry. Under the terms of the agreement with the heads of these companies, Positive Technologies acted as criminals, imitating their tactics.

The results of the study became clear: the employees of the companies are still far from a responsible approach to cyber security in your enterprise.

According to the experts of Positive Technologies, every tenth employee calmly enters their credentials into the fake form on a phishing site, which mimics legitimate. And every seventh employee is willing to put the attacker on the phone information about the company.

The other day an interesting incident occurred with Apple — employee Jizhong Chen was arrested by the FBI on suspicion of stealing confidential information related to the project Titan. The project Titan Apple is developing an unmanned vehicle.

Intelligence agencies claim that Jizhong Chen was planning to take all of the stolen secret files direct competitor Apple, which is also developing unmanned vehicles.

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