But the Apple to it are perfectly prepared.

This week Apple reported another record quarter topping. In the report chief financial officer Apple Luca Maestri saidthat the company will no longer disclose the number of sold iPhone, iPad and Mac, since this information becomes less relevant and stopped to talk about the success of the Apple properly. Analyst companies IDC and Strategy Analytics that Apple considered the “Golden age” ended with the iPhone.

According to analysts, the peak of the popularity of the iPhone and all other smartphones passed. Worldwide sales of smartphones began steadily to decline, even though the activity of the Chinese manufacturers of smartphones who released a very budget solution.

Experts believe that in the next few years there will be growth in iPhone sales in quantitative terms, because of what Apple and decided to stop to disclose this statistic. Moreover, according to analysts, the world market of smartphones will decline. To rectify the situation will allow only a truly innovative technological breakthrough, while smartphones with the support of revolutionary technologies should be far from the most expensive.

Currently, all manufacturers of smartphones aimed at the increase of the average prices of their devices. In this regard, experts believe, of “affordable innovation” in the smartphone market can be expected. This means that the smartphone market will continue to fall. And Apple has already begun to prepare for this, perfectly understanding that the “Golden age” of the iPhone is over.


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