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Personal computers come to the end. Fifteen years ago Microsoft has reached its goal to put a PC in every home and on every workplace. I was at Microsoft at the time, and the attitude towards them was like “we’re done here, everything is clear — it’s time to move to a new purpose.” Today desktop PCs take out the trash, and in offices, they become less. Most of the representatives of a new generation of users will not even pay attention to the desktop, and work on it and can be no question; indeed, on the decline and sales are laptops. In the world of this generation of desktop computers will not.

OK Google. What is the reason?

Today there are 2 billion owners of smartphones, and by 2020 their number is expected to grow to 3 billion people. The tasks that people were decided using the PC steadily move in smartphones, with very rare exceptions. This is facilitated by the large displays of new smartphones, and the trend is growing with renewed vigor.

Most of the generation of miscomputation a completely different look at the point of contact with high technology. This is particularly noticeable in developing countries where people have never had personal computers, but before the advent of the wireless network required a modem to access the Internet. Recently 90% of India’s population does not use the Internet. Today, the pace of development of high technologies in this country — the fastest in the world, and it can dramatically expand the relevant markets.

Why still Android and not iOS?

In places like India, the new Windows has Android. In fact, Android is appearing on more displays than ever was Windows. According to the forecast by Cisco, by 2021 the proportion of Internet users in India will jump from the current 28% to an astounding 59%. The rejection of Windows Mobile means that the battle for the mobile market, Microsoft threw in the towel. Apple is trying to gain a foothold in India, but its products are too expensive for the mass consumer market of the country where the owner of average earnings and would never spend 1000$ on the iPhone X.

The victory means the victory of Android Google. The number using only mobile devices is growing even in the USA. In 2017, Google announced the achievement of the Android mind-blowing figure — 2 billion monthly active users worldwide.

And what’s in it for me?

Generation of miscomputation affects the marketing, education and literacy in the world, not to mention many other things. This means that the applications, which are often looked down upon, are an important element of our future. Mobile advertising, which also includes the negative, will become the single most important way to inform people about products.

How will it keep up with desktops and laptops?

Did not. For most people in developing countries smartphones will become the first computer to the Internet technology. In America, the culture of smartphones has seriously affected the relations between people, and it will continue. Today it is almost impossible to find a person who does not have a cell phone. To contact the spouse or child can be not only phone call. Now parents track the movement of children through the application Find My Friends on their iPhone and send an Uber to get them home from the party or send in a sleepover.

Who is to blame?

The movement of miscomputation headed by Millennials. According to a study conducted by nonprofit organization the IAB in partnership with Millward Brown and Tremor Video Digital, compared to older generations Millennials prefer and are more receptive to the content of small volume. The study notes that Millennials resonate more short videos, and this should be borne in mind, when they are the target audience of advertising.

What should I do?

Brands have to focus primarily on mobile phone users, and any business that does not take into account this factor, is doomed.

Perhaps in the US it is only mikrotrend, but in many other countries only the highest technology available to man is a PC in your pocket. This change in these countries — not mikrotrend, and the most fundamental change in decades.

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