If your smartphone is idle with backlight off, it does not mean that it does not “communicates” with its present owner. Published this week study has provided data about how often smartphones on different operating systems send data to the company, these systems have developed.

In the work entitled “Collection of data by Google,” Professor Vanderbilt University Douglas Schmidt makes interesting conclusions about how much data Google collects from devices located in rest mode.

That’s just one of the observations of the scientist locked Android smartphone with Chrome browser, running in the background, sending Google information about your location 340 times during the day. In the case of iPhone it is different when there is open Safari, Google is unable to obtain any meaningful information unless the user interacts with the smartphone using search and browsing websites.

Android smartphone with Chrome sends to Google 50 times more data requests in an hour than an iPhone with Safari. In General, the Android smartphone is in the locked position interacts with the Google servers 10 times more often than the iPhone communicates with the Apple servers.

∎The investigation: Google ignore disable geolocalization also

Recall, last week Google admitted the correctness of Associated Press journalists, found that Google continue to fix coordinates of the user even when the recording of location history is disabled in your Google account preferences. The company has corrected the description of the function on your website.


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