Unencrypted copy in WhatsApp and serious vulnerability in Fortnite again jeopardized the data of Android users.

Despite the fact that Google says every year that has made progress in the fight against viruses, the recent news confirms the opposite. Moreover, on the level of security is pierced, Google.

It turned out that remedies Play Market was the weakest among available for Android. Any third-party antivirus finds much more threats than Google. About it reported the edition GHacks, conducted a large-scale study software for virus protection. During testing, they used 21 antivirus. Was checked 2945 malware. Protect from Google Play – the only utility that found less than half of all threats.

And if someone else’s research seems to be something abstract, that is, real-world examples. For example, encrypting the backup data of WhatsApp messenger on Google. In cooperation with Facebook, Google will allow users of WhatsApp to store the backup in Google Drive. At the same time, once in the cloud, they no longer encrypted.

Another example is the recent mini-scandal associated with the launch of Fortnite on Android. Game developers refused to publish it in Play Market and make your installer. Only a few days later Google found installer vulnerability that allows you to download to users ‘ devices malicious software.

News the last three days, which will undoubtedly undermine the credibility of the platform. And while Apple blocks access to USB interfaces to deny the attackers any chance to hack the iPhone, on Android every day, new viruses and threats. It seems like all the work Google has gone down the drain and nothing in 10 years has not changed. So those who are thinking about the security of your data, you will still want to prefer Apple devices.


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