Hard to believe, but in 2018 the ability to manually create backups of their devices, users of Android smartphones is missing.

One of the owners of Google’s flagship Pixel 2XL 6 August addressed this question in the tracking service issues – Google Issue Tracker. He couldn’t find the upload function is back up manually in Google Drive which mentioned in the official Android documentation Oreo. The complaint was forwarded for consideration by the development team.

“This feature will be available with the nearest update,” said the Android programmers.

Google has introduced the ability to create automatic backups even with the Android version of Lightning and made changes to the Marshmallow. Save your important data manually is possible, but you need to enter the device into USB debugging mode, connect to computer using the ADB terminal and use special commands.

Due to the inversion of the Google Issue Tracker, the company will address this problem and soon will be more convenient to keep copies of their data, call logs, messages and settings when necessary.


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