A great alternative to the Xiaomi Mi Band 3.

Huawei has announced the start of sales and the price of its new fitness bracelet Honor Band 4 in Russia. The gadget will be officially sold in Russia from 28 October at a recommended price of 4 490 rubles. Read more about the new told in this material.

Honor Band 4 — fitness bracelet Huawei new generation. The gadget has got a large 0,95-inch display with a touch button that allows you to manage device functions. On the bracelet’s screen can display a lot of useful information, ranging from notifications from a smartphone, and ending with information about the user’s activity. Honor Band 4 not only shows notification icons, but the text, for example, messages from social networks and messengers.

The bracelet is equipped with an advanced sensor to track heart rate, which works in a continuous mode. Sensor regularly determines the heart rate of the person recording the data for later analysis. Tracking heart rate occurs during exercise.

Honor Band 4 has support for tracking sleep, which, according to representatives of Huawei, was established in collaboration with the Medical school at Harvard University. Advanced technology accurately determines all the sleep phase, helping the user Wake up easier in the morning. In addition, the function may monitor sleep disorders and to warn the owner of the bracelet about the problems.

Honor Band 4 is securely protected from water and dust to standard IP68. The bracelet can be used during the voyage, including to monitor the activity. Only Band 4 distinguishes six types of workouts. In addition to swimming it: running indoors, running outdoors, Cycling, stationary Cycling, and free training.

In Honor of the Band 4 has a battery capacity of 100 mAh. The battery life of the gadget is up to 14 days in a daily regime.

In China, Huawei released a special more affordable model Honor Band 4 Running Edition. She has a monochrome display and no sensor monitor heart rate, but a much lower price. In Russia such model to be sold, unfortunately, will not.

The start of sales of the Honor Band 4 in Russia scheduled for October 28. The Honor Band 4 price — 4 490 rubles, but when you buy in the official online store Huawei you can get a discount.


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