With the approach of autumn, rumors about the next-generation of Apple gadgets are becoming more. The publication Macotakara believes that not all features of the iPad Pro will appeal to users.

According to the popular assumptions, the iPad Pro 2018 will have a thin frame and will get the system ID for Face recognition, which became a distinctive feature of the iPhone X.

Macorakara notes that, at the moment, the flagship Apple knows the owner, only when the smartphone is in a vertical position. Therefore, the publication suggests that Apple will either include a complicated TrueDepth cameras around the perimeter of the iPad Pro 2018, which will undoubtedly increase the cost of the device, or Face ID in the new generation of tablets will work the same as in the iPhone X. so the user will have to rotate the device in order to unlock it.

This can be very uncomfortable. The dimensions of the iPad Pro 2018 significantly exceed the dimensions of the iPhone X, and when working with the tablet often involved both arms.

Perhaps Apple will find a way to get rid of this feature. In the Internet there are rumors that with the release of iOS 12 recognition system the Face ID user will be able to work in a horizontal position.


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