The Apple itself is described in detail.

7 September, Apple announced that will create a special web siteon which the authorities and law enforcement agencies can submit their requests for user data. The company also spoke about exactly what requests it receives from government agencies.

Authorities and law enforcement agencies send to Apple seven main types of requests for user data:

  • Requests to the devices. The most frequent types of queries. They come in the framework of investigations of theft or fraud related to iPhone, iPad and Mac.
  • Requests for restriction on use or deletion of the account. The authorities often require you to restrict or delete your Apple ID account, illegally used. Apple did not immediately respond to such statements and requests of the court.
  • Requests for financial identifiers. Do when the thieves gain access to Bank card users.
  • Requests for saving account data. Rare queries, for which Apple is required to backup the user account and store it for 90 days.
  • Inquiries concerning accounts. The US government sent the Apple such queries in order to find out specific information about the desired person. Apple provides such information only if the search warrant.
  • Requests for state security of the USA. It requests from the national security agencies of the United States, made within the framework of investigations of terrorists, drug traffickers, etc.
  • Extra queries. Some queries of the organs especially urgent, because we are talking about real danger to people’s lives. For the consideration of such requests, Apple has a special Department which works round the clock and instantly processes requests.

In addition, Apple often receives queries from individuals. They are approved only in the case of a legitimate reason and the consent of the user.

In the Apple emphasize that all requests are scrutinised. The company never gave and never will give them direct access to their servers neither the authorities nor law enforcement agencies.

Source: Apple.


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