No connection is possible.

In the App store failed. Users from many countries, including Russia, cannot connect to the service to download or update applications impossible. While on the official page of the health check services Apple problems are not fixed.

The problem with App Store is not typical. Normally, if Apple be any difficulties with the services, the company notifies on a special page of “system State“. Now it appears that all services are operating normally.

However, users have problems. On a third-party service DownDetector about can’t connect to App Store claim hundreds of users. According to the map of faults more likely a failure affects Japan, USA and Europe. From Russia also receives complaints connect to the App Store.

Card failures in the App Store

It is expected that Apple will correct the situation in the coming hours. Most often, the company is bringing the App Store to life after failures as quickly as possible.

Source: DownDetector.


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