Bangkok, Thailand — December 12, 2015: Apple iPhone5s held in one hand its showing a screen with the numpad for entering the passcode. Appeared service on iPhone with prolinamide special gadget GrayKey for hacking any iPhone with Touch ID? He went around the defense of iOS and picking up the passwords to unlock screen. At the time it purchased large batches of the police to access locked iPhones.

Now start a client-oriented service from DriveSavers. It allows you to copy all stored on a locked gadget information.

Not disclosed, what technology the service uses to access data. We cannot exclude the possibility that he just goes through possible passwords private methods.

The company proposes to recover data like photos, videos, contacts, text messages, voice recordings and notes.

Important: DriveSavers works only with the owners of the devices. Third-party users cannot access restricted information. Exception — the relatives of the deceased family member.

The possibility of access to private data is advertised to devices running on Android, Windows, BlackBerry and iOS. The cost of the service is not established.

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