Apple accused of overstating the characteristics of the screens iPhone X, it follows from the claim, filed in the District court of Northern California, reports CNET.

As claimed by the two plaintiffs, the company incorrectly indicated screen features this smartphone. According to Apple, the screen resolution is 5.8 inches. The plaintiffs argue that the real value of this parameter is 5.6875 inches, which is less than the specified.

In addition, the lawsuit States that the company has the wrong screen resolution. The manufacturer claims that it is 2436 x 1125 pixels, the plaintiffs believe that in fact it is lower — not all points are red, green and blue subpixels.

Earlier it became known that the new iPhone failed the test conducted by SquareTrade. In one test, both phones were dropped from a height of 182 cm on the front and back cover. In the first case, the iPhone Xs and Xs Max has received serious damages. When falling to the front panel glass Xs crashed almost completely, whereas the Xs Max it was cracked. As a result, experts said that the smartphone is “very vulnerable to shocks, especially to fall”.

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