The company Blix, which in the past have developed an application BlueMail, accuses Apple of unfair competition and theft of ideas. According to the developers, the cupertinos have copied some functions, and then removed the BlueMail program from the Mac App Store.

Representatives of the users explain the situation differently. As Apple notes that BlueMail had problems with security and did not meet the rules of the store, for this reason, it disappeared from the App Store. Also cupertinos report that they tried to help developers cope with the shortcomings that BlueMail went back to the store.

It should be noted that Blix is not the first company that accuses Apple of unfair competition and borrowing developments. In the past in similar situations, application developers Display and Luna Duet, which offered their own solutions for turning your iPad into an extra display for your Mac. However, after the appearance of the feature in macOS Sidecar Catalina developers began complexity. And the list goes on.

Now the representatives of the Blix are considering filing a class action suit against Apple.


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