Some time ago, the company Fintiv located in the state of Texas went to court, accusing the iPhone maker of patent infringement. According to the plaintiff, payment service, Apple Pay violates its intellectual property. However, it is not very clear what exactly he wants to achieve Fintiv.

According to reports, a Texas company specializes in solutions in the field of mobile payment and marketing. At the same time on the official website Fintiv there is no information about any products. Most likely, cupertinos again faced with a patent Troll.

In favor of this says that the reason for going to court was a patent describing the principle of operation of the digital mobile wallet and related applications. Initially, however, the document was not issued Fintiv. A Texas company bought it from another company.

Representatives Fintiv believe that Apple Pay uses the principles described in its patents. So the company decided to go to court.


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