Most often Apple acquires smaller firms and startups as a whole. However, sometimes there are exceptions. For example, today it became known that instead of a full purchase of the company cupertinos priobreli only its patents. We are talking about the portfolio of the recently bankrupt Lighthouse AI.

According to reports, the cupertinos have acquired a number of patents that describe different technologies of 3D modeling and principles of 3D cameras. Experts suggest that all these developments Apple uses when creating new smartphones, equipped with an advanced main camera. In addition, the technology can be applied to other Apple gadgets. For example, in the glasses of augmented reality. Recall that according to optimistic forecasts Apple will release its AR gadget in the next year and a half.

Surprisingly, cupertinos not have to buy all the technology and achievements of Lighthouse AI. The latter is engaged in creating advanced CCTV cameras with built-in voice assistant function and the recognition of people. A distinctive feature of the devices from the Lighthouse AI was that they could “reply” even on difficult issues. For example, the camera could show the user the video with the request: “Show me what the kids were doing at home while I was gone yesterday.”

Sources report that Apple has acquired only part of the patents related to technology definition of persons based on depth, visual authentication, etc.


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