The network continues to receive information about this video project Apple. In particular, it became known today that the cupertinos have purchased the rights to a fantastic picture, Terry Gilliam’s “time Bandits”, released in 1981.

In the original film, the main character, who happened to be in the company of time travellers, was able to visit many different eras – from the middle Ages until the early twentieth century.

According to the newspaper Deadline, cupertinos not only want to make a copy of “time Bandits”, but to turn the film into a full series. While on a new project will work writer of the original film, Terry Gilliam. He will act as Executive producer. However, the scenario will deal with other people.

According to reports, while working on the project are still at an early stage, and Apple, together with its partners haven’t even started the search for actors for the new series. It is assumed that the cupertinos finish final preparations.


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