Apple acquired the app for weather Dark Sky that stood out from the competition with its hyperlocal, minute-by-minute weather forecasts. According to available data, on Android Wear OS and the service will stop working on 1 July. Now the app is no longer available in Google Play.

Apple store Dark Sky while is not going to disappear. However, it is worth considering that it’s only available in the us segment of the App Store. However, we can assume that in the future the situation may change. The developers have warned that they will continue to support your API before the end of next year, but now they stop accepting new applications, and connected third-party applications.

According to journalists, the company Apple acquired Dark Sky in order to obtain access to existing developments and “sources” all the weather data. In the future, all these developments can help to improve cupertinos Weather app.

However, while all this is just speculation. The amount of the transaction, and that is with the app and experience the Dark Sky in the future, who knows.


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