Apple was not exaggerating when he said that the iPhone camera is capable of doing X photo Studio quality. To such conclusion the Management of advertising standards in the UK. The examiners conducted a review of advertising video and Apple where the company permits the use of that language, and refused to acknowledge his misleading.

Studio photography

“The iPhone X lens with an equivalent focal length of 50 mm is one of the most popular lenses used by photographers for taking photos in the Studio, and the function of “Portrait lighting” really reproduces the effect of Studio even when outside itself,” reads the decision made by the experts of the English regulator.

Camera iPhone X

The experts also admitted that the iPhone camera X actually offers consumers a wide range of tools to create high quality photos that are unattainable to the cameras of the smartphones of other brands. The audit showed state representatives of agencies that possible, according to the manufacturer this is fully in line with reality.

Portrait lighting

In this case we are talking about a commercial, in which Apple compares photos taken using “Portrait lighting” with the work that was done in a professional Studio. According to the company, to create this effect we studied the experience of top photographers, artists and image-makers from around the world.


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