Apple allowed you to download information about you in Receivedany Apple ID other countries got the opportunity to download the data from your Apple ID in may. But today Apple opened up access to it for Russia.

The relevant paragraph is already active in the “Data and privacy” on the Apple website.

Get a copy of the data. With the help of this feature, now you can download a copy of the data applications and services from Apple servers. You also have the ability to upload your photos, documents and even calendars tied to your Apple ID.

Just click “Submit a request to receive a copy of the data”, select the information you want to download and wait until Apple will give you a copy of them — this process can take up to seven days.

On this page you can also correct information about yourself, deactivate, or delete an Apple ID.

The data correction. If any data in your account are incorrect, correct them.

Deactivating your account. You can temporarily deactivate your Apple ID if you think your account has been accessed by attackers.

Removal of the account. Complete removal of Apple ID without the possibility of recovery. This capability is useful if the account was created by accident, or the need for it is gone.

A similar opportunity for a long time have Google.

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