Google and Apple have been criticized after he posted for downloading controversial app for smartphones that allows Saudi men to track women’s movements and effectively prevent them from leaving the country without permission.

Source: Oddity Central

The government of Saudi Arabia has developed an application Absher. With the help of it citizens can take advantage of various public services. It would seem that nothing strange. However, with this app male guardians can also control the movement of women.

In Saudi Arabia every woman, regardless of age, have a male guardian. Most often it is a husband, father or brother. Without his permission, a woman can’t do almost anything, including travel abroad and even to obtain a passport.

So here is an app Absher works like this: a man puts a woman in the list of dependent and gets notifications when she uses the passport at border control. If before crossing the border, a woman had to present a written authorization of a guardian, the application has simplified this procedure.

The application acts in the country for several years, but it drew the attention of human rights organizations after publication in the ThisIsInsider. Absher called the tool to limit women’s freedoms, and Google and Apple hit with demands to withdraw the app from the app Store and Google Play.

“It’s ironic. In the West, these technologies are used to improve the lives of people, and Saudi Arabia — to strengthen gender apartheid,” said the Muslim activist yasmin Mohammed.

Both Google and Apple have not yet commented on the situation with the app.

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