Apple and Google began to raise prices in online stores App Store and Google Play, despite the increase in the VAT rate.

Recall from 1 January 2019 in Russia launched a new VAT rate of 20% instead of 18%. The prices in the stores remained basically the same and they already include VAT.

For example, the cost of the subscription music service Apple Music remained at the level of 169 rubles. But if we consider the receipts from the store, you will notice that the final cost for buyers has not changed, and the subscription price without VAT decreased from 143,22 to 140,83 of the ruble. A similar pattern is observed with the subscription to third-party developers, for example, book service Bookmate.

Google also kept the subscription cost of YouTube Premium and VAT included. Thus, Apple and Google took the difference in VAT, not becoming to raise prices.

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