Apple and HTC was accused of defrauding users — the company allegedly invalid time of Autonomous work their smartphones. Both manufacturers have already released an official statement to answer the charges.

The autonomy of smartphones Apple iPhone

The Organization Which? tested nine of the Apple iPhone, each of which, as it turned out, did not meet the specified runtime. In particular, the fresh iPhone Xr talktime worked 16 hours and 52 minutes against paulenich 25 hours.

The autonomy of HTC smartphones
At the same time, the average battery life of the smartphone HTC talktime was 20.5 hours, while during testing at Which? was determined the rate at 19.6 hours. What specific models of smartphones have been tested — not specified.

The autonomy of smartphones from Samsung, Sony and Nokia

In addition, participated in the testing and smartphones from Samsung, Sony and Nokia, the real autonomy which is even higher than stated.

For example, Sony Xperia Z5 Compact in the conversation, he worked 25 hours and 52 minutes, almost 9 hours more than the claimed 17 hours.

Test conditions

In Which? did not disclose terms of test runtime, and there is no information about how you use mobile networks or Wi-Fi, information on running background applications and firmware of devices, and the number of tests on each smartphone.

The reaction of Apple and HTC
Apple raskritikoval testing at Which?, as well as those not sharing the method of its implementation, as did copertina Corporation.

Presented HTC in turn bound the results of the test Which? with the differences in the settings of the devices that “can lead to some deviations from the stated values of operating time in conversation mode”.

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