MOSCOW, 9 Jan — PRIME. The world’s largest manufacturers of smartphones American company Apple and the South Korean company Samsung — since the beginning of 2019, raised the price of phones in Russia, the newspaper “Kommersant”.

According to the publication, Apple gadgets has risen by an average of 1.7%.

Samsung raised prices only on some smartphone models, including Galaxy Note 9.

It is noted that such higher prices could result in the fact that from January 1, retailers began to include the price of a new value added tax, which raised the new year to 20%.

In an example, the publication cites the iPhone’s, which rose in price 64 990 rubles up to 66 092 rubles.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has risen from 69 990 rubles up to 71 490 rubles for a tube with a memory of 128 GB.

The press service of Samsung said that the price of home appliances, TV and services in the official service centers of the manufacturer in Russia was not raised.

Russian retailers, in turn, noted that after the growth of VAT rates on equipment and gadgets almost unchanged: for example, Huawei Mate Pro 20 rose by only 20 rubles, and in some stores the cost of smartphones even lower.

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