Happened today is a rare event. After a negative article in The Wall Street Journal in which the editor of the newspaper once again focused attention on the problem of sticky keys in different MacBook models, cupertinos brought users apology. However, Apple representatives did it in his style.

“We are aware that a small number of users are experiencing problems with keyboard “butterfly” of the third generation, and we are sorry about that,” said an Apple representative. – “The vast majority of MacBook users don’t experience problems with the new keyboard”.

Recall that users complain about the keyboard on the MacBook for several years. The first reports of sticky keys began to appear in 2015. Over the years, the cupertinos have tried to correct the flaws in the “butterfly”. However, the problem still exists. It not helped to solve no more powerful mechanism, no improved protection from contaminants – the key continues to get stuck.

Last year the owners of the problematic laptops even filed a class action lawsuit against Apple, after the company launched a program service keyboards MacBook and MacBook Pro. However, he did not kupertinovtsy to thoroughly elaborate the mechanism of the keys.


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