The company has responded to the ban immediately.

Apple filed a formal appeal of the court decision, which forbade the company to sell the majority of iPhone models in China. Apple representatives said that the company is using all its legal powers to the verdict was annulled or changed.

On 10 December it became known that a Chinese court says Apple sell in China all iPhone models from the iPhone 6s to iPhone X. the Court came to the decision that Apple violated two patents to another American company Qualcomm, related with iOS features.

Apple quickly said that her Chinese clients have nothing to worry about. According to representatives of Apple, all iPhone models, as before, sold in China despite the ban. The reason is that the court decision said about the need to stop sales of the iPhone running iOS 10 and iOS 11. Now, all iPhone sold in China working on iOS 12.

After Apple filed a formal appeal against the decision of the court. Apple will seek annulment of the prohibition or change.

Such a ban was the first for Apple in history. And we are talking about the most important for Apple Chinese market. The decision of the court immediately responded to the investors. Shares of Apple per day has fallen in price by more than 2%.


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