A positive innovation.

App for iPhone and iPad will start to offer paid subscriptions making more transparent. Apple has changed the rules of the App store, banning developers to introduce confusion when making subscriptions. According to the updated rules, developers must clearly explain and illustrate what conditions apply to the subscription.

According to the modified rules of the App Store, developers need to show users the real cost of subscription before proceeding to payment. Apple introduced this innovation due to the fact that more and more developers began to use various tricks to hide the real cost of the subscription.

For example, developers could highlight the bright color a monthly fee, provided you subscribe for a year, which is much less than the usual cost. Or to specify as the basic monthly fee according to one time promotions.

Examples of how the application should offer a paid subscription

In addition, Apple began to demand a direct warning to the user about the main subscription page, confirmation of payment. Before developers often pointed out this information in small print, which many users do not see it.

All new and updated apps in the App Store should start to meet the new requirements. For ignoring the requirements provided for locking application access to the store.

Source: Apple.


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