Company “Medialogia” especially for built the ratings companies and businessmen weeks.

Ratings based on the media index — index “Medialogia”, which reflects the quality of the group’s subsidiaries and persons in the information field. The higher the value of media index, the more clearly and positively the presence of a company or person in the media, the more positive is its image created by the media.

When preparing the ranking were analyzed 917 4 250 media publications for the period 29 October to 4 November 2018.

Company of the week

A leader in the media index was Apple. The company introduced a new line of products: the next MacBook Air, version of the Mac mini and an iPad Pro.

The most noticeable movement in the media rating of the “Aeroflot”. The Board of Directors of Russian airlines approved the new group’s development strategy until 2023, which provides for the growth of passenger traffic to 100 million people by century anniversary of the company.

Top 10 companies of the week:

No. Moving Company Media Index


46 103,0

34 822,3

34 645,9
34 037,9

33 595,6

31 920,0
31 574,5

24 136,5

23 947,0
“Mail Of Russia”

19 140,1
Business of the week

A leader in the media index was Dmitry Rogozin. The General Director of “Rosatom” said that the financial “hole” in the Khrunichev Center, which produces carrier rockets “proton” and “Angara” is 111 billion. Rogozin also added that until 2027 is planned for 72 missile launches.

The most significant movement in ranking from Vitaly Saveliev. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin had a working meeting with General Director of “Aeroflot”.

Top 10 businessmen of the week:

No. Move A Person’s Media Index

Dmitry Rogozin, Roskosmos

23 378,2
Alexey Rakhmanov USC
15 251,1
Vitaly Saveliev, Aeroflot

12 239,1
Leonid Fedun, the Spartak football club

9 695,1
Elon Musk Tesla

8 135,3
Tim Cook Apple

5 566,0
Igor Shuvalov VEB

4 921,2
Arkady Volozh, Yandex

4 113,3
Bill Gates Microsoft

3 335,2
Igor Sechin, Rosneft

3 144,3

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