Apple bought a startup Spektral, which is interesting for its developments in the field of augmented reality. In particular, this background removal from videos using artificial intelligence.

Today to obtain a “clean” image of the speaker or actor are used to shooting on a green background, which is then easily cut.

Spektral allows to do without him: to appear anywhere, then cut out pictures of people and put them on any other background, for example, in augmented reality: man will be seen as if he is in front of you. However, the processing may occur in real time, which is important, for example, for video conferencing.

The power of modern graphics processors built into smartphone chipsets, enough to process the video from the camera even at 60 frames per second in real-time. For processing uses algorithms spectral graph theory.

A simple example of the tasks solved by means of graph theory is the problem of the Konigsberg bridges that cannot be bypassed without passing one of them twice. More complex task — routing of the knight in chess so that he visited all squares of the Board once. Such a task is very difficult to solve however it is easily accessible artificial intelligence.

SOURCE: TelecomDaily

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