For many, the statement Apple would be unexpected.

Over the past month, various sources have repeatedly stated that sales of the new iPhone XS, Max XS iPhone and iPhone XR fail Apple. However, as it turned out, this information is greatly exaggerated — Apple pleased with sales of its new smartphones. Moreover, the company announced that a less expensive iPhone XR is the most popular among iPhone buyers.

Rumors about the “failure” iPhone XR dispelled Apple’s Vice President of marketing Greg Joswick. In an interview with CNET he said that we should not believe everything you read on the Internet. According to him, the expected iPhone XR has become a very popular smartphone worldwide. From the first day of the release of the iPhone XR daily has become the most purchased smartphone of the company, stressed Goswick.

Specific data on the quantitative XR sales of iPhone Apple spokesman did not elaborate. However, he did not expect, as previously Apple has announced that it will no longer disclose information about the exact sales of the iPhone, iPad and Mac. The company decided that these data do not reflect Apple’s success.

Thus, despite numerous rumors about the “failure” iPhone XR, Apple is pleased with the sales of the smartphone. However, the company definitely not in admiration — this is indicated by the recent decision of Apple to make the purchase of a new smartphone trade-in program significantly more profitable.

Source: CNET.


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