For the first time, Apple began to recruit their smartphones a special adapter to connect wired headphones two years ago. However, this year cupertinos can abandon this practice. This was announced by the employees of the company Cirrus Logic.

According to the data obtained from employees of Cirrus Logic, a manufacturer no longer plans to release adapters Lightning Audio Jack, which completed Apple smartphones.

Recall that the cupertinos is not the first year cooperate with Cirrus Logic. The latter is one of the major providers of audio chips for Apple products and the company informed its employees have shared some details about the yet unannounced iPhone. In particular, they reported a possible rejection of a 3.5 mm port for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

It’s hard to say why exactly cupertinos plans to get to complete my new iPhone with Lightning adapter — Audio Jack. However, previously, Barclays analyst mark Moskowitz explained this decision to a desire by Apple to reduce the final cost of its new smartphones.


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