Over the past ten years Apple has developed a lot of specialized tools that are used in the authorized service centers or help employees of Apple retail stores. Moreover, the existence of many of them most users don’t even realize. For example, only recently it became known that Apple has a tool that allows you to remotely connect to almost any iPhone.

As reported by one Twitter user, during the setup process iPhone his daughter had some problems and she decided to contact Apple support. In response, the employees of Apple, the company called her back and using a special tool for remoting helped in resolving the issue.

Well this is interesting. Apple can remotely interact with the iPhone. (trouble shooting is my daughters phone) pic.twitter.com/G29uok1OgN

— Bʀʏᴀɴ (@bry_campbell) December 9, 2018

Visitors to Reddit rather actively began to discuss unknown tool for remote access, trying to guess its features. However one user, who identified himself as an Apple employee, immediately dispelled all assumptions about hidden connections to any iPhone.

According to the user, such a tool exists already for a long time. It was created primarily for employees of technical support. Tool for remote access only works while the call from tech support, while on the screen appears “Your iPhone is viewing the employee AppleCare”. So abuse of this feature from Apple employees will not work.


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