If you believe the latest rumors, Apple has long been working on new wireless headphones. However, while by far it is unclear what features will have the new.

It is not excluded that the next AirPods will have some unique feature. For example, the headset may become completely universal – that is, lost all distinction between right and left headphones. Such information is described in one of the patents Apple company.

Thanks to a special system that includes five microphones, new AirPods will be able to determine which ear the user has inserted one or the other earpiece. However, the microphones can also be used in the noise reduction system, thus helping to improve the sound quality in difficult conditions.

As usual, no specific information on the timing of the implementation described in the patent ideas are not. But optimists suggest that something similar may appear in 2 AirPods. Recall that according to rumors the announcement of the latter may be held before the end of this year.


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