American Corporation Apple revokes the additional production of smartphones iPhone XR due to weak demand, the company has increased the orders for the cheaper old models: iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, says Japanese newspaper Nikkei, citing a source.

“Foxconn (the company-collector of smartphones Apple — ed.) originally made about 60 Assembly lines for smartphones Apple model XR, but only used about 45 of them, since their main buyer said that he doesn’t need to produce so much” — said one person familiar with the situation source.

Thus, Foxconn will be producing about 100 thousand smartphones this model less per day, as demand was 20-25% lower from the initial optimistic prognosis, the source said. The situation is similar at other collector of smartphones of the company — Pegatron.

The Corporation now requests an increase in the production of smartphone models iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which now stand at 20% cheaper than XR. According to the source, the suppliers of the eighth model of the smartphone received orders in General, 5 million units more.

“Previously, Apple was planning to manufacture 20 million units of older iPhone models in this quarter but the company increased this figure to 25 million units,” — leads edition of the words of the source.

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