A few weeks ago, users found in MacBook Pro 2018 the problem with speakers is when playing any sound built-in speakers can emit an unpleasant wheezing. While the situation has not changed and some users believe that now kupertinovtsy just no working solution.

According to a Reddit user under the nickname Khaled, who is actively working with sound artifacts when listening to music on the new MacBook arise due to problems with the processor.

In particular, a disgruntled owner of a new “Proshka” tried to repeat the sound effects that occur in the process of listening of the track. To this end, he launched a sampled EXS24 built into the Logic sequencer, and in parallel opened the video in QuickTime. It turned out that the rales occur only in those moments when CPU load reaches a critical value.

Apparently, at the moment, Apple has no working solutions to the problem with speakers. However, users are able to find a working version of the rales disappear when connected to the laptop external sound card.


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