WASHINGTON, 18 Nov. /TASS/. Apple’s CEO Tim cook believes the inevitable emergence in the US of the new rules of regulation of high technology, however, does not support such actions. He told about his attitude to this in a Sunday interview with Axios.

“Overall, I’m not a big fan of regulation. I strongly believe in the free market. But we need to recognize when the free market does not work, but here it doesn’t work. I think the emergence of some level of regulation is inevitable,” cook said.

According to him, the U.S. Congress and the administration of Donald trump “at some point something will take” in the field of regulation of the sphere of high technologies. Apple CEO stressed that the company will have to adopt these rules. “It’s not a question of opposition between privacy and profit, or privacy and technological innovation. It’s about the concept of choice,” — said cook.

He stressed that technology companies do not create products that are inherently good or bad, but must understand that it can be used for illegal purposes.

Apple CEO admitted that previously, very often turned to my iPhone for receiving certain information or verification of information. Now he has reduced the number coming to the mobile device notifications and was much less likely to check it out.

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