Apple CEO Tim cook advised iPhone owners to use smaller devices
Not often you hear the CEO of the company on manufacture of smartphones advises customers not to use their gadgets. But that’s what happened yesterday with Apple CEO Tim cook, who spoke at the summit, the TIME 100.

During his speech, cook mentioned that Apple never created the iPhone for continuous use. “Apple never wanted to maximize the user’s time. We never thought about it,” said cook, noting that he got off a private push notification and this is not the first case when Cooke comments on his personal use of the iPhone.

In June last year, on the opening day of WWDC in 2018, the company introduced Screen Time — function iOS that measures how long someone uses her iPhone and some apps on the device. The day cook told CNN that before the launch of Screen Time he considered himself a disciplined user of the iPhone. But after tracking use iPhone with Screen Time, he realized that he was wrong.

If you guys don’t do it — if you have an iPhone, and you do not, I would advise you to really follow these push notifications. What I did for myself, so it’s turned off most notifications. Because I asked myself: do I need to get thousands of notifications per day? They don’t add value to my life or make me better. So I went and disabled them.
Tim Cook

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