BEIJING, March 23. /TASS/. The head of the American Corporation Apple Tim cook urged China to become more open to the world, which would contribute to the development and recovery of the global economy and the achievement of mutually beneficial cooperation. He stated this on Saturday, speaking at the China development forum in Beijing.

“We are seeing how China is changing and evolyutsioniruet and we want to see China continue to open up to the world. This is important not only for the country to achieve the highest potential of development, but also for the global recovery,” said Tim cook.

According to the head of Apple, today “the world is facing major challenges never faced before: climate change, inequality and poverty hinder the development of countries.” Cook also noted that in the short term, the development of the world economy, “there remain a number of uncertainties”.

“However, we see challenges ahead of us: together we can make our planet healthy, and the economy is thriving, together we can pull millions of people out of poverty,” continued the head of the company. “Our future is connected. Only by working together can we achieve progress,” summed up cook.

Chinese development forum held March 23-25 in the state residence “Diaoyutai” in Beijing under the slogan “strengthening the openness to mutually beneficial cooperation.” The event was attended by over 150 foreign delegates, including Nobel laureates, representatives from leading universities and major international companies. According to the organizers, the key session of the forum will focus on such issues as the promotion of structural reforms in the supply side of China, the fiscal policy of China, the increasing openness of the national economy for mutually beneficial cooperation, the development of the region “Big Bay” and others.

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