Night cupertinos has published a new financial report, which for the first time contained no record levels. Moreover, according to available data, in comparison with last year Apple showed negative growth.

In fact, slipped all the main indicators. Total revenue compared to the same period last year fell by 5% and amounted to $ 58 billion, and net income decreased by 16% (11.5 billion).

Recall that at the end of last year kupertinovtsy ceased to disclose in their financial reports the number of products sold. According to the company, these values have lost their importance. Now in the first place was the profit from the sale of products.

However, even this step is not allowed to hide the declining sales of the iPhone. According to available data, in comparison with last year revenue from sale of smartphones decreased by 17%.

Interestingly, the decline of revenue from devices sales the company’s revenues from services is gradually increasing. During the reporting period, they brought the cupertinos of 11.45 billion – a new record.


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