According to the latest reports, cupertinos continue to actively prompt users to change their old smartphones for a new iPhone. Today, the network appeared again, the information that Apple sends out EN masse to owners of Apple’s smartphones e-mails with the offer to purchase iPhone XR discount.

The messages themselves are decorated quite well. In letters cupertinos list all the advantages of the XR over the old iPhone models. Moreover, the users of different iPhone models have different letters. For example, iPhone 6s Plus, Apple reported that iPhone XR faster than their current mobile device more than three times.

In addition to describing new features, cupertinos also offer users to buy an iPhone, XR under the program trade-in discount of $ 200. Thus, the basic version of the iPhone XR in USA can buy it for 549 dollars. Alas, but such proposals are only valid in some regions.

It is worth noting that until recently Apple has not pursued such aggressive advertising campaigns. Virtually all previous models of the iPhone pretty well sold themselves. However, in the case XR for iPhone cupertinos decided to change tactics. At the end of last year they started sending letters to owners of older iPhone launched advertising in the App Store and started to actively offer new products in their retail stores.


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