In the past, the network has already appeared information about the fact that Apple can move its laptops to ARM processors. Today, these rumors appeared again. And if you believe the authors resource Axios, Apple’s laptop with the new chip can be held next year. This edition received from an unnamed source at Intel.

It should be noted that cupertinos more than ten years to equip their computers with Intel processors. However, in the last few years in the web there are persistent rumors that Apple may at least partially abandon the use of third-party chips, manufacturing of processors for their laptops.

Alas, the authors of the Axios is not shared, no other details. Most likely, initially, ARM processors will appear in a MacBook or MacBook Air, and more productive Apple laptops will continue to be based on Intel chips.

Many see Apple’s commitment to abandon third-party solutions not only desire to reduce its dependence on partners, but the next stage of development of the platform. Recall that according to the latest rumors, for the past at least year, the cupertinos are working on a special Toolkit, which allows you to create universal apps for iOS and Mac. The entry of ARM processors should simplify the process of creating such programs.


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