Apple plans to provide best solution on the market.

Major manufacturers of Android smartphones are actively working on their own folding devices. As example, Samsung with its prototype foldable smartphone showcased within SDC18. Not far behind them and Apple, which recently received a patent describing the key elements of the revolutionary iPhone with a flexible display.

Foldable new Apple will be able to emerge both inside and out. Its distinctive feature is the OLED-display with a special coating of polymer with a unique pigment. The process of applying a protective film on the OLED panel is kept secret, but among the possible options is called spraying and printing.

As pointed out by PhoneArena, the reliability of this solution will be so high that the iPhone will be flexible to twist without any visible damage to the screen. In addition, the innovative coating will provide a long service life of the device by increasing the total number of cycles of “opening-closing” of a folding iPhone.

Source: PhoneArena


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