To do this, even had to buy a Samsung employee.

In the foreseeable future iPhone will have the new generation batteries, the production of which will deal with the company Apple. That Apple is developing its own batteries using their technology became known from the last two leaks from reliable sources Bloomberg.

Bloomberg learned that Apple intends to buy the cobalt for batteries directly from miners. Initially, these plans Apple were associated with the company’s desire not to remain without raw materials, because of it is among the manufacturers is making a serious struggle.

However, as it turned out today, Apple has poached from Samsung is a leading specialist in the manufacture of batteries for mobile devices sung-Ho Ahn. Apple EN appointed to the key post of head of development of batteries.

Bloomberg sources emphasize that in Samsung the An worked technology batteries of the next generation. With this orientation of specialist and experts attribute the intention of Apple to equip the new model iPhone battery brand new type.

However, the batteries is unknown. It is not excluded that the first noticeable improvements will happen in 11 iPhone and iPhone 11 Max, the presentation of which will take place in September.

Source: Bloomberg.


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