iPhone will be more bright.

Apple is working on a new iPhone, which will receive a feature heavily used by Chinese manufacturer Huawei into their smartphones. Apple develops the iPhone in a special gradient colors. Idea for Apple iPhone case will be covered with special reflective material that will create original gradient tints.

Apple decided not just to “paint” the hull of the new iPhone technology gradient. The company is considering the possibility of creating on the rear surface of the smartphone many small grooves, which will change the reflection of light from the body. Due to this, the color of the iPhone new generation will change constantly and sparkle.

In order to make the effect more interesting, Apple is using the processing of ceramics. Manufacturers before used similar technology, so the development of Apple will be truly original.

Apple could apply a new technology already in iPhone sample 2019. New Apple smartphones will be largely different from its predecessors and be a full new generation of iPhone.


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