But in the iPhone it will not be soon.

Apple has decided to refuse to cooperate with Intel and reconciliation with Qualcomm in the future and to produce modems for the iPhone on its own. According to sources the Verge, the company is actively working on the creation of a superfast modem for the iPhone with support for 5G. In addition, Apple’s plans have indicated the new job, found on the website of the company.

It is no secret that Apple don’t like dependence on other manufacturers. Especially when they start conflicts. Because of the patent dispute with Qualcomm, Apple has not only remained without the fastest modems, but the court needs to stop selling most models of iPhone in China.

Experts suggest that it is because of this conflict situation with Qualcomm, Apple and think about developing your own modem for the iPhone. Transfer iPhone to their modems will allow Apple to not only save, but also to offer customers truly unique features that are not in other smartphones.

The development of a modem will take Apple at least two years, experts say. The first iPhone with a proprietary modem from Apple and increased speed should be expected no earlier than fall of 2021.

Source: The Verge.


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