Deputies of the state Duma met with the General Director of the Russian representative office of Apple “Apple Rus” Vitaly Moroz’ko. Meeting in the state Duma have taken place due to incorrect territorial jurisdiction of the Crimea and Sevastopol in the Maps app for iOS, reported on the website of the lower house of Parliament.

Moroz’ko said that “eppl Rus” turned to Apple with a request to bring a map service in accordance with applicable Russian legislation. According to him, the Maps of the Crimean city appear as the territory of Russia, but we need time to correct “inaccuracies and nedorobotki”. Parliamentarians have given the company a deadline until April 25.

“Information products should distribute the Datasheet, in particular mapping information in accordance with the actual situation and the law”, — said the Chairman of the Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications Leonid Levin.

Google Corporation, to which parliamentarians have made similar claim, fix a bug in its mapping service. Earlier Crimea in Google Maps for all users was listed as Ukrainian, but now for users from Russia it appears as Russian. For the rest of the world it is listed as a disputed subject.

March 20 from pre-set Weather icon on iPhone disappeared Crimean city. Earlier Sevastopol, Yalta, Sochi and other towns of the Peninsula in this service was listed Ukrainian.

Crimea became part of Russia in March 2014. This was preceded by a referendum, the results of which refuse to recognize Ukraine, the EU, USA and other countries. Moscow insists on compliance with procedures of international law.

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