On the official website of Apple appeared a great article about the principle of operation of the voice assistant Siri in the Apple column. And if to speak more precisely, the article describes a mechanism that allows the voice assistant to distinguish the user’s voice compared to other sounds.

Highlight the voice command amid the General background of the HomePod helps the processor Apple A8. It has some special algorithms for the forced cleaning. In addition, the cupertinos are actively used by the machine learning technology.

In order to make the whole system work as best as possible, the engineers designed a number of software filters, which helps to isolate voice commands. For example, the HomePod can distinguish and adapt to different conditions. In particular, if the column is installed in a spacious room or a room without furniture will be applied one filter in the bathroom – another, and if the room is playing music or talking a lot of people the third.

When developing HomePod engineers did not forget about power consumption. According to experts, even in the most difficult conditions, the process of isolating voice commands loads the CPU not more than 15%.


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