But this iPhone was going to be so soon.

In the foreseeable future appearance of smartphones really change much. Leading manufacturers are actively working on foldable smartphones that will be quite unlike the modern models. Their plans for foldable smartphones have Apple, which definitely works on the first foldable iPhone.

Today it became known that Apple creates iPhone, which can be three fold. The new patent describes the design of a smartphone with a foldable body and a flexible display. It is noteworthy that Apple filed for a patent in 2016. So to date, the company sure has advanced in the creation of the first foldable iPhone.

Hints at Apple’s plans to launch foldable smartphone appeared before. The company has patented matching technology and hire professionals who will work on a fundamentally new iPhone.

However, wait for the foldable iPhone in the next couple of years Apple’s not exactly necessary. Apple is known not to hurry to implement new technologies until, until they are modified to an ideal condition. Because of this, the company may issue a foldable smartphone considerably later than its competitors.

For example, Samsung is preparing its first folding smartphone commercial launch in the first half of 2019. Not far behind and the Chinese manufacturers who clearly state that they will release their own smartphones with foldable casing and flexible displays.

Source: USPTO.


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