The official announcement is still there.

According to recent reports from insiders, Apple is preparing to hold the first presentation in 2019 at the end of March. Apple has not yet confirmed this information, without making the official announcement. But today a hint of the impending announcement of the Apple appeared in the online store of the company.

The official Apple online store in various countries have disappeared from the market AirPods wireless headphones and a number of straps for the Apple Watch from last year’s autumn collection. Such changes usually occur in advance of the presentation and the release of new Apple products. Similar situation with the availability of some devices is seen every year before the events of Apple.

Hint Apple is only indirect. AirPods headphones often missing from online store due to the continuing high demand. As for straps for the Apple Watch, the new spring models, the company can provide without presentation. Last year, Apple started selling the new spring straps on 21 March, the first day of astronomical spring.

According to the most recent data, Apple needs to make a presentation March 25. What the company will present unknown. According to the forecasts of some experts, we expect new services and devices, including the AirPods 2, iPad mini 5 and iPad 2019. On the other, the whole presentation will be devoted exclusively to the new services of the company.


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