Despite the fact that most of the employees of Apple, the company was transferred to remote work, cupertinos continued quite actively to work on new products. This publication reports Bloomberg.

The authors citing informed sources say that by the end of this year, Apple may show the updated smart column HomePod available iPad, iMac in the new design and the new Apple Watch. All of these products are now being developed by Apple.

At the moment the main difficulty is that most of the employees of Apple, the company transferred to remote work. It had a strong influence on all the processes. In particular, engineers have virtually lost access to 3D printers, machines and other tools for prototyping, as all the communication processes now have to spend in a mode of videoconferences.

Also the workflow is complicated by rather high requirements for security. And the rules for employees are constantly changing. For example, until recently engineers could not work with prototypes for the prohibition was somewhat relaxed. However, the company insist that family members should not know about what specifically is working. The latter are forbidden to even look at the computer screen while you work.


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